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Raided R - Brand New EP guild

Raided R is a "mature" (21+), Ebonheart Pact based guild, whose focus is on progressing through the end game content of TESO (Trials and PvP), but doing it in a relaxed environment. New and experienced players are welcome!

If you are able to withstand terrible puns, "that's what she said" comments, constant sexual innuendos and don't take offence easily, then we want you!

  • Be light hearted - don't take things too seriously
  • Be willing to put effort into progressing through the difficult content - understand that when we move on to Vet Trials, you will have meet certain requirements.
  • EP PvP (if raiding with us)
  • 21 and over

  • Don't be a deck

If you have any questions, message me @jadeybez.
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