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PC-EU Returning Player

Soul Shriven
Hi There.

I'm a returning 379CP player that has just re-installed and is looking to make a run at the weird and wonderful world of ESO.

I play 4 or 5 days a week for anything ranging from a couple of hours to 7 or 8 at a time.

I played for a number of months originally and just got into some of the end game raids when work got too hectic to carry on.

Im looking for a social guild willing to take on someone looking to learn and who is always happy to weigh in his fair share.

I have 2 characters, one is a Sorc healer and is relatively well geared and the other is a nightblade DPS who is slightly less gear, though that wont take me long to address.

My main character can craft at least 8 traits for all weapons, armor, clothier items with a large number being 9 trait. I also have everything learned on woodworking.

Well. If there is anyone who is looking to take on additional player, drop me a line in game @pestisprimus
  • Cyn_v84
    Hi @pestisprimus

    Good to hear you have come back to the game!
    You still have a spot with us at The Reborn if you're still interested!

    Contact me in-game @Cyn.V84 (with the dot!) and I'll hook you up again :smile:

  • Mizar84
    Hi there :)
    First of all welcome back to the game! I'm a returning player as well and leader of Neverending Dream. You can check my recruitment post here https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/318040/eu-neverending-dream-pve-only-the-home-for-everybody/p1

    I think you might fit quite well in here, and if you read trough the post you might see that we have now closed recruitment but there might be some new spots opening up soon, so we can have a chat in game and i'll tell you more.
    Feel free to add me in your friend list at @Mizar84
    Neverending Dream Guild Master
  • Amaliae
    Hello @pestisprimus

    We would love to have you in our guild! <3

    We are The Tipsy Trader, a friendly, helpful guild with all needed (trader, guild hall with crafting stations, transmutation, outfit station, dummies and more).
    Every friday and saturday we run trials, we have lotteries and we like to enjoy the content of the game together (daily pledges, daily quests, pvping, etc.)

    For any details feel free to contact me in-game @Amaliae.
    All the best!
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