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The Silver Flute - the Mystery Quest of Cyrodiil.

Hello all, I'm not usually in the habit of using the forums for things such as this, but I find myself having nowhere else to turn to.

I am currently in the process of attempting to complete every last Wilderness Quest in the Cyrodiil zone - those one-off quests that you pick up and turn in. I'm a completionist and am trying to finish every single one. I was succeeding in this goal right up until I got to the last one - The Silver Flute.

UESP, The Elder Scrolls Wiki, and other websites I've tried only have enough information to let me know the quest /exists/, but they do not mention where it is located. It is apparently started by finding a flute in a crate, which you then take to Halion of Chorrol. However, I cannot find it.

If there is anyone that is familiar with this quest, and where I could pick it up (aka, find the box with the flute inside) I will be eternally grateful.
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  • theamazeman
    That'll do - thank you kindly to all three of you!
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