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Unable to place second storage chest

I bought a small home. I have no furnishings at all, except the first storage chest I bought and placed.

I then purchased a second storage chest. It shows up in my collectibles tab, but not in the tab with housing storage items.

I've been trying to "place" this second storage chest, but there is no option. It does not appear listed in the housing/storage function (F5)

Any ideas how to access/place the second storage chest?

  • VaranisArano
    You need to have a certain amount of "Collectible" furnishing slots available in that house in order to place it. You can see how many you have in the housing menu. Storage Chests count as Collectibles, thus sometimes there are limited spaces for them to go in certain houses.

    In general:
    Non-ESO Plus caps:
    Inn Room - 15 Furnishings, 1 Trophy Collectibles, 1 Other Collectibles
    Apartment - 50 Furnishings, 1 Trophy Collectibles, 1 Other Collectibles
    Small - 100 Furnishings, 5 Trophy Collectibles, 2 Other Collectibles
    Medium - 200 Furnishings, 10 Trophy Collectibles, 3 Other Collectibles
    Large - 300 Furnishings, 20 Trophy Collectibles, 4 Other Collectibles
    Manor - 350 Furnishings, 40 Trophy Collectibles, 5 Other Collectibles

    ESO Plus caps:
    Inn Room - 30 Furnishings, 2 Trophy Collectibles, 2 Other Collectibles
    Apartment - 100 Furnishings, 2 Trophy Collectibles, 2 Other Collectibles
    Small - 200 Furnishings, 10 Trophy Collectibles, 4 Other Collectibles
    Medium - 400 Furnishings, 20 Trophy Collectibles, 6 Other Collectibles
    Large - 600 Furnishings, 40 Trophy Collectibles, 8 Other Collectibles
    Manor - 700 Furnishings, 80 Trophy Collectibles, 10 Other Collectibles

    Pets and Mounts are "Other Collectibles".
  • TankHealz2015

    HHmm, I will check.

    I bought the small jungle house.

    And the only thing I have placed at all is the first storage chest.

  • Jayne_Doe
    A small home has 5 slots for collectible furnishings (which include trophies, other furnishings (such as the Vvardenfell map) and storage chests)). Pets/mounts/assistants count against the special collectible furnishings. The posted list above is slightly off in terms of the wording, but trophy collectibles I think is now collectible furnishings and other collectibles is now special collectibles.

    Regardless, if you look at your collections tab in the menu, do both storage chests appear? If so, then it should show up when you're in the housing editor. I believe that in the editor, they are under the services category.
  • xbobx
    chests should be separate, its stupid they haven't done that
  • TankHealz2015

    I figured it out.

    Thanks for all the help.

    When you go to the housing screen, it shows what is available to place, not what is totally available.
    I was expecting to see 2 chests there, but it only showed the one - i.e. the second chest that was purchased.

    In addition, since they all have similar names, I thought I was looking at the first chest not the second.

    Also, when you hit the "place" object button, the screen is all the way zoomed in, so I was not able to see that I was actually placing the second storage chest. i.e. I could not see the first chest in the background...

    Just a ridiculous series of operator error?

    Thanks for all the help!!!
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