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NA PC MagSorc looking for a mature fun guild.

Soul Shriven
Hello everybody!
So i just started ESO a few weeks ago... My first toon is a lvl 33 MagSorc. Just looking for a fun guild to do stuff with. Have endgame experience in WoW EQ2 and EQ so raiding (trials) isn't exactly a new concept for me. I'm 40 years old and a bit on the dirty humor side of things and would love to find a guild to just hang with maybe run some dungeons and that sort of thing. Hope to hear from somebody soon!
  • Quicknez
    Of course I am a bit biased, but the Remnants of Hope guild is recruiting --

    There are plenty of great guilds in ESO and you can join more than one!


  • Kiarraswub17_ESO
    Welcome to ESO life! You are in good company. If you have yet to find what you are looking for, Kharanos Killers is a great new guild that you can grow with. We have a Path to Trials program designed to prepare players for end game activities. We have a regular schedule for events and a mature group that like to hang out in voice comms while they play.

    Check us out on and join us on discord to learn more. Evenings are usually best for catching me if you would like to chat. - @kiarrasw
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