Join theThalmlor - PS4 EU

Greetings fellow members of the Aldmeri Dominion!

Queen Ayrenn Arana Aldmeri has given us the order to recruit more soldiers!

We are the Great Thalmor, the ruling body of the Aldmeri Dominion.
There have been problems in the past regarding the Veiled Herritance. Since the Queen wants to open up the borders of Summerset, we need to make sure there is order and security, while also fending of the Ebonheart Pact and the Daggerfall Covenant.

Our guild ranks are as following:

1. Grand Chancellor
- He is the guild leader and ruller of the Great Thalmor, his will is law.

2. High Chancellor
- Right hand of the Grand Chancellor, he makes sure all Thalmor Generals know their assignments.

3. Thalmor Chancellor
- Together with the Grand and High Chancellor they form the Thalmor Council. They make all assignments and make sure there is enough order and security within the Aldmeri Dominion borders, where necessary.

4. Thalmor General
- Rullers of the Thalmor Army. They make sure their officers know what to do. They also keep track of the day to day schedules. They take orders directly from the Thalmor Council.

5. Thalmor Officer
- Officers lead their own part of the Thalmor Army. They make sure new recruits are trained well and that the well trained soldiers do what they are supposed to do.

6. Thalmor Soldier
- Soldier of the Thalmor Army. They take orders directly from their superiors, this can be either the Thalmor Officer/General or the Thalmor Council.

7. Thalmor Recruit
- New recruit in the Thalmor Army. Gets their training from their Thalmor Officer.

We are a role playing guild!

Players who have been inactive for 20+ days will be removed!

If you’re interested in joining the Great Thalmor, contact the Grand Chancellor “PVSTIJN” trough an in-game mail.

This is an Aldmeri Dominion guild! Players who are mostly active on a Pact or Covenant guild will be removed!
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  • TelvanniWizard
    That yellow text isn´t easily read.
  • leetacakesb16_ESO
    Sounds fun. :) Not sure if I could join because I'm limited to playtime and lack of keyboard.
    Ps4: lady_hania
    Pc: malinche
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