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[PC/NA] The Outcasted Network [New players] [Progression] [Dungeons] [PvE/Questing]

Soul Shriven


Requirements to join:
- 18+
- Must have mic
- Must be willing to join our Discord:
- Post your ESO user id in the Discord text channel #eso-user-ids when you join
- Feel free to introduce yourself by posting a message in #chat

Take a look at our website:
Check us out on Twitch:

We're a gaming community and we're always trying to branch out to new games, dip our toes into new communities and expand our horizons. We were founded as a clan for Destiny 2, but have since started Discord communities for Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and now Elder Scrolls Online. All of us are fairly new to the game (Around level 30), but we'd love for new players and experienced players alike to join our ranks. We want to present ourselves as an open minded community that is willing to learn and grow. Please feel free to join us!
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