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My Quondam Indorilia

Hello everyone. Today I'm proud to present another of my homes, this time it is the Quondam Indorilia.

The theme for this house is a mage's laboratory. I have converted the downstairs basement into a real mage's laboratory, with a wing for alchemy experiments, and another wing for enchanting.

I apologize for a rather long video, 9:30 minutes, but I really wanted to show off all the details of this one.

We start off in the walled off garden outside. Since ZOS refused to give us a proper view over the landscape and nearby Mournhold on this one, I decided to make my own balcony from various building materials. The balcony also doubles as a secluded mushroom garden, perfect for growing all those fungi for the alchemy lab. I made the balcony cozy with various furniture and pillows, so you can sit there and relax and enjoy the nice view.

Inside the house proper, we first find a wing for kitchen stuff, pantry as well as various foods and drinks, tables and chairs, and a skooma bubbler. The other wing serves as yet another library, for the leftover books from the Velothi Reverie library. Here we find the complete Truth in Sequence series from Sotha Sil, written on metallic plates and laid out for study. The bookcases hold the 36 Sermons of Vivec, with the 37th Sermon laid out on a bookrest on a table for study. The other bookcases hold various books, spare soul gems, potions and vials, and some parchments and inkwells and quills.

The real interesting stuff begins when we descend the stairs to the basement laboratory (Timestamp 5:15 in the video, if you just want to skip to the interesting part). We notice that various banners, tapestries and carpets all bear the sigils of Sotha Sil, the patron Tribunal of this laboratory. The enchanting wing holds a Telvanni mage's device, a Clockwork orrey, one of the mysterious Blessing Stones in its holder, and of course a large amount of different soul gems. We also see a few Clockwork related items, as well as some Fabricant parts. Most likely a part of the research on enchanting, soul gems and animation. Some Dwemer Animunculi also inhabit this hall, next to the Fabricant Precursor. An ominous Dwarven orrey takes up the space near the end of the hallway, and we turn towards the alchemical part of the laboratory.

A multitude of boilers, vials, potions and vessels naturally make up most of the alchemy wing, along with poisons, mortars and other mysterious fluids. Several boiling apparatuses and distillers have also been placed here, as well as a bottled miniature garden and a poisoner's cabinet. At the other end of the hallway, we find a scribe's desk with various papers and notes, no doubt for taking notes related to the experiments being conducted here.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at this mage's laboratory. There is of course an upstairs floor as well, but once again I ran out of furnishing slots, so I only furnished the upstairs with the usual furniture, a few beds, chairs, nightstands and other living room stuff, to make it at least look habitated and not completely empty. Since the video turned out rather long, I decided to not make it even longer by filming the upstairs as well.

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