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House Gray-Mane Nordic Guild in need of True sons and Daughters of Skyrim!


I would love to say a few words, Thanks kindly for your time&Patience.

"We've got an old saying -- the Gray-Manes have lived in Whiterun since the first snows fell in Skyrim."

Lore:Gray-Mane ~

The Gray-Manes are an old and influential clan in Whiterun. House Gray-Mane is a large mansion in the city's Wind District. The clan was one of the first to live in Whiterun, making in likely that the family can trace its roots back to members of the Five Hundred Companions of Ysgramor. Before the Stormcloak Rebellion, the Gray-Manes were friends with their equally venerable neighbors, Clan Battle-Born. However, Clan Gray-Mane strongly supported the Stormcloaks, as well as Ulfric Stormcloak. Clan Battle-Born sided with the Empire. Each clan rallied the city's populace to their respective sides, though Whiterun officially remained neutral.

Ysgramor was an Atmoran warrior and the leader of the Five Hundred Companions. He is one of the most legendary heroes of Men, who played a pivotal role in the ascendency of humans on the continent of Tamriel in the late Merethic Era, during the period known as The Return.


My own vision ~ We are the family,.We are the Ancestors. The ,renowned house Gray Mane. Before the events of 4E 201, Dovahkiin ,World Eater and "I used to be an adventurer like you" Before the Legend of Eorlund Gray-Mane and his heroic family there was one crazy guy who decided to fashion a thread! In semi Sheogorath style xD Kidding of course. We Nords are well known for great sense of humour , but we are quick to anger as well :)

Master craftsmen,warriors and Adventures,Hard-working,Loyal to the end and incomprehensibly passionate. We shall defend our beloved land and challenge the very darkness and stike the fear in every Deadric prince or princess, creature great or small, Man yet unborn or some new devilry that shall threaten they very existance of Nirn.

The house:

House Gray-Mane Exclusively The Nordic Casual guild with a mix of Role-play,Lore talk and in general very passionate players who aren't primarily interested in heavy Dungeon grinding/Trials,Alliance war{PVP} There are strict rules and certain requirements to fulfil before even joining the guild.

House Gray-Mane is indeed exclusively Nordic themed Guild. I am sorry if you disagree. Feel free to fashion your own guild which shall accommodate to your rules,wishes or desires. There are however few rules to remember:

Essential requirements

Rule 1 ~ One must be a Nord and only a Nord. We accept only Nords. There is no why please { See the "The house" Information } Bonus if you are a warrior class or have passion for swords,axes or art of melee combat. I personally favour sword&Bow over spells,but you are free to play of course as you would see it fit the best.

Rule 2 ~ One must be 18 years old minimum, Age 21+ Preferred at least.

Rule 3 ~ Common sense and very basics of manners. You do not need to help,reply to every single message, help in dire need or write some crazy ideas,participate in events. No, Nor I am allowed to force you, but you shouldn't have the mindest of a Mud-Crab nor vicious attitude of Dremora as well :) Zero tolerance ~ Death Threats,Racial,Derogatory/Sexual/Certain harsh words aimed to particular members and so on, You do need to be super-genius to figure it out. You shall be swiftly banished to nearest realm of the Oblivion. I am not type of person to argue nor debate a lot. The rules are clear and you shall stick to rules or won't part of the guild :) Twas very simple indeed.

Rule 4 ~ The discussion about Politics&Religion is not allowed. We came to relax , discuss about game and not to worry about problems of the real world. If you seek such sort of the discussion join CNN forums.

Rule 5 ~ Cheating,baiting,trolling and insulting/abusing others outside of the Guild. Even if you are a part of the guild it does not allow to freely harass other players. You will be swiftly erased if spotted.

Extra Bonus:

New players are most welcome as well.
Lore knowledge and desire to learn,grow and help is greatly appreciated. Interest in crafting , in particular Blacksmithing ,Woodworking or Cooking. Strong willpower and dedication , Unyielding mentality and without giving up so easily when in trouble , For example. If you die,Do not complain. True sons and Daughters of Skyrim are utterly fearless and relentless despite the odds of success and foes.


Future plans:

Guild house within Skyrim/Social events at Local Taverns or Taverns across the Tamriel. Eventual Dungeons only if certain numbers are fulfilled and Normal version/Group play {Dolmens,Public Dungeons,Exploration, Venturing into unknown} Fashion contests, Creative endeavours,Duels and so on...

The name of my main character ~

"Vanyalicious" Nord. Level 28 {At the present moment}


Stamina ~ Dragonknight.
Dual-wield specialisation/Draconic Power as sub-specialisation.
Heavy amour fan.
Fighters Guild/The Undaunted.
Blacksmithing As Crafting profession.

Fear not. Be Dragon,Giant,Demon or even Deadric Prince , we will be ready ;) It death takes thee tis not thee end!



If not otherwise I shall stand alone and face another Deadric princess alone xD

By Ysmir,Ysgramor, Shor's bones! By Wuuthrad's Axe! Do whisper/reply , Send an -Email in game or Private if intrigued!



May the Gods watch over your battles , friend!

Kind Regards,

  • Vanya
    Greetings Wunduniik!

    A lot has changed since March 2018 indeed, our beloved land has been expanded with a new story,regions even entire themed expanion! By Olfina Gray-mane we deserved nothing less!

    Be sure to check my newly created


    I am officially back after very long absence more experienced,eager,mightier and frenzied than ever before. My USER ID @Vanyaliciousness. My primary Character is Vanyalicious

    I shall drink i thy health and honor thine Courage kinsman! Until we met again!

    Vanya-Gray Mane High Queen of Skyrim,
    13th of Morning Star,Windhelm,Eastmarch,Tamriel,Nirn.
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