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Crown Gems and crown crate question

I know this may seem stupid to ask, but are crown gems shared between characters or bound to one? Also are crown crate items besides mounts and pets available to all characters on your account? I only have one character, and want to make another, so I was just checking.
  • Sawzallz
    If it's in collections any character can use it however consumables need to be in the bank
  • Danikat
    Crown gems are account-wide.

    Crown crate items fall into 2 categories: Collectables and Consumables.

    Collectables, like mounts, pets and costumes which appear in the collections tab are account-wide and permanent, they can be used by all characters on your account at any time.

    Consumables are things like XP scrolls, potions or riding lessons. These can be used by any character on your account, not just the one who gets them but each one can only be used once. For example if you get a stamina riding lesson you can put it in the bank to give to a different character, but it will only affect the character who uses it and then it's gone.
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  • Kiyakotari
    Danikat wrote: »
    Crown gems are account-wide.

    Yes, with one caveat on that - Crown Gems are not shared across servers, unlike Crowns themselves, which are shared across servers. So if you buy Crowns, they will show up on both NA and EU server (of whatever platform you play on). But Crown Gems will only show up on the server where you opened the Crown Crates that awarded the Gems.
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