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Your method of leveling?

So, I recently decided to level a new character, only this time I made the decision of doing nothing more but delves, public dungeons and LFG to get myself leveled up, while doing no qiests, or at the very least do a minimum amount of quests, only those that lead me to a lot of action against creatures and such.

My progress so far is that the idea is working. I have leveled to 22/23, maybe I am leveling a bit slower than if I were to do quests, but I am having a lot more fun with the game than I would if I had to do quests.

I certainly appreciate that there is a possibility to be leveling up via exploration. Makes me like the game a lot more for it.

Now that my story is out of the way, I wanna know how you spend your time leveling. Os it questing, exploration, or another method? Do tell, as I am fairly curious.
  • TelvanniWizard
  • VaranisArano
    With One Tamriel, I like to choose a zone or two to be my character's story. Then I clear dolmens in different zones, grab skyshards, and run group dungeons as either a healer or a tank so I've got plenty of skillpoint as I level.

    My Nord Stam DK liberated Eastmarch and the Rift.
    My Dunmer Warden did Morrowind and Clockwork City.
  • Jaimeh
    I join the Mages/Fighters/Undaunted guilds, do dolmens until I unlock weapon swap at level 15, and then I start the main quest and do random normal dungeons, to get skill points and because it helps level Undaunted. If it's a magicka character I collect lore books here and there, and keep doing dolmens, which takes care the Mages/Fighters Guilds. If it's stamina character, I go to Cyrodill for a few hours after unlokcing weapon swap to get vigor/caltrops. At level 45 I start the pledges, and usually Undaunted is the last skill line to be completed. It's not the fastest way by all means, but it's less repetive than grinding.
  • leandro.800ub17_ESO
    Get 100% XP boost drink
    Get alchemy to 50 (its very fast)

    From LV1- 15 Do Dolmens (try to do diferent ones each time) (fighters guild daly can help)
    From VV 15-25 Go buy a couple of 2-5 voucher master alchemy writs
    From LV 25-35 Go get skyshards in public dungeons and do group event (you can use 50% exp drink for this)
    From LV 35-50 Do the main quest line and the daily random normal dungeon

    This is not an overkill method and just by playing a bit everyday you will get to 50 in about a week or 2
    You will also get enought skills points
  • starlizard70ub17_ESO
    I've been playing for 4 years now and this is how I leveled my new character to get the leveling rewards about 2 months ago. (Note I'm at 1000CP so I didn't to worry about gaining CP points, but I'd guess the leveling would still work the same for anyone under the CP cap.)
    I focus on getting all the skyshards. By doing that, you'll get the needed skill points, clear dungeons and explore most the lands. I clear one region at a time, then move to the next. When I need to i port to guild members in regions I can't just walk to. Around level 40 I start the main quest, fighters guild and mages guild for the XP, skill points and to get them out of the way. By the time I've finished the main quest and beating Molag Bal to get my soul back, I've hit level 50. Then I finish off collecting skyshards from the other regions, do the Morrowind, Wrothgar and/or CWC questlines if I want. I did find that doing the Thieves guild and Dark Brotherhood quest lines early do open up useful passive skills for you.
    "We have found a cave, but I don't think there are warm fires and friendly faces inside."
  • GimpyPorcupine
    I just started a new character (my 15th) when Dragonbones dropped. I've done Stros M'kai story and a couple side quests, one quest in Betnikh, Main Quest now wants me to go rescue Tharn, first story quest in Glenumbra to save the king, 2 delves in Glenumbra including the one for Valaste, random daily dungeons twice, and all group dungeons available to me except City of Ash 1 and Crypt of Hearts 1. I'm 20-something now and the only XP boost I have is the 10% from ESO+ membership.

    After I finish Betnikh, I'll do the newbie zones for the other two alliances, then back to Glenumbra to do the fighters guild quest to save Merrick, and the zone's main plot quests, clearing all delves, collecting all the shards, and picking up all the lorebooks that I run across.

    There will probably be double XP for the Jester's Festival, and I'm holding the 5 crown XP scrolls until then.
    8-hr/day casual gamer on Xbox NA. 18 Characters, all DC, all Level 50. +1900CP
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