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the story ESO:summerset continues

Id like to get upto date with the story before Summerset comes out. My character is a level 21 of the Daggerfall Covenant.Where do I need to go to start the relevant quests relating to Queen Ayrenn and Razum-dar? and, does it matter im Daggerfall Covenant and have only just started that factions story?

  • Turelus
    It doesn't matter if your in DC, you can explore any area.

    For the Ayrenn and Razum-Dar story you want to do the AD zones in order.

    Khenarthi's Roost
    Malabal Tor
    Reaper's March
    Main Game Story

    From here if you want the story for the current arc you need

    Morrowind Prequel
    Clockwork City Prequel
    Clockwork City
    Summerset Prequel

    There are some other zones and quests which may have NPC's appear in those areas or cover minor plot points but these would catch you up ready for Summerset.
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  • Dazzaw
    Many thanks. Ive pretty much finished Morrowind now. Ill get started on the AD quest then comback to clockwork city i think
  • Enodoc
    Beyond the Aldmeri Dominion faction storyline, if you want the full list of the story quests that are being continued with Summerset, have a look at Daedric War Storyline.
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  • Dazzaw
    been working my way through the quest line over the last week orso. Enjoying it alot
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