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[PC EU] Tank and healer LF a raid guild or progression group

Hello there,

I'm looking for an end-game raid guild or a consistent raid progression group, together with my boyfriend.

Here's some info about us:
We are main tank and main healer, with a few DPS characters for a change. Trials that we have completed so far are the following - all Craglorn HMs, vMOL, vHOF, vAS.
Both of us are 800CP+, we know our main classes and roles fairly well, but most importantly, we love to raid and complete endgame challenges. We'd like to end up in a small or medium-sized guild or group of like-minded people, with a raid schedule that would fit ours. Perfect raiding times would be Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and weekends in the evening (our prime time starts at 6-7 p.m. GMT).

It's worth mentioning that we are looking for both friendly and progressive community to stay with for a long time and help each other to expand our knowledge of the game and raid mechanics. For further communication, please contact us in-game via whisper or mail (@OneMoreDragon, @Migandas). Cheers!
PC EU @OneMoreDragon

Rakshasi Raijina, khajiit sorceror, adventurer and crafter
Keel-Neesha, argonian dragonknight tank
Asharlys, orc templar tank
Wanheda Praimfaya, nord necromancer tank
Alessia Whitegold, redguard templar 2h/bow DD
Mitsuro Naztharune, khajiit dragonknight dw/bow DD
Viannereth, bosmer warden bow/bow DD
Moraelyn of Ra'athim, dunmer necromancer magicka DD

So long as the dragonfires shall burn, to you, and to all generations, I swear that my Hearts blood shall hold fast the Gates of Oblivion.
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