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Looking for Guild [NA][PC][PvE][End Game Focused]


My Specs:
86 baby

Raised on MTV and Cartoon Network
Beat Battle Toads Double Dragon at age of 8
Been on ESO for 3 months

50 StamNB (Main)
50 MagSorc
50 Tank DK
50 MagDK (gear not complete)
4 Non-factor others (working on healer next)

I want to complete finish WBs, Craglorn, each VetTrial and VetDungeon at least once on my main. Will use my other characters for guild runs pending need requirements, I find MagSorc to be superior DPS. Otherwise I'll just be leveling alts, doing dailies and helping guildies do whatever.

What I'm looking for in a Guild:
20+ Active daily
Active End Game PvE Focus (Multiple runs a week, not just weekends)
Organized (schedules, sign-ups)
Guild Trader (Not needed anymore)
PvX is fine
Voice Com

Potential personality problem:
I love comedy and that means nothing is off-topic...nothing. I don't bring up controversial subjects just to annoy people but if somebody else does and there is a joke to be made...I can't help myself. I mean lets face it...humans are stupid, we do stupid things, we group together so we can become dangerously stupid...and I'm ok with that fact due to all the comedy it generates.

That's it, msg/mail me in game for further questioning if you have any.

Edited by xDekar on March 19, 2018 4:08AM
  • Kiarraswub17_ESO
    I cant promise the 20+ online daily requirement as we are just starting out and are super selective with recruitment, but the off-color humor opportunities certainly will exist as will the very structured character progression you are seeking.

    We have this thing we lovingly refer to as shenanigans. It covers everything from wb, Dolmans, public dungeons etc. Additionally we are completists who ensure all dungeon achievements are obtained.

    To learn more, you should check us out online at If this sparks your interest then we should chat more. - @kiarrasw
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