Level Adviser: Sorcerer Healer Good or Bad or just as intended? Here's the Review

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Does it work for it's intended Audience? How effective does it work? Is it easy to understand? Can it be better? These are questions

Overall it's good amount of skills with generally usage, but there are a few issues to consider. First Empowered ward was never had conjured ward advised. I would hope this is looked at in future. Next I wonder why some skills are left without a morph. I can assumed that they are optional or use is best advised to pick morph. It's a bit confusing I would say as I not sure of the intent.

The next on item is Dark Deal. I am trying my best to understand this one. So what I thinking is morph can only be advised if meant to compensate movement or self heal as basic stamina should allow blocking and dodging with battle ready. This lead to Bolt Escape and it's cool down. If you run in between these then you would need to dark deal instead of dark conversion. Interesting idea the detrimental cooldown, but radius isn't enough to escape without double casting at least. This is because you can run in same distance same amount of time it takes for bolt escape to get you to this position. As such other morph seems like a better choice in current conditions. Now lets try to look at this in a different direction.

Is there reason to need a self heal and more stamina? I don't believe we cast this when rooted? A few places though I do recall we need more stamina to break free of continous tethers such in Elden hollow 1, and 2. This might be an issue especially at lower levels. I still don't know if warrants case of using dark deal over dark conversion.

On to issue with toggles. Lets start with bound aegis. I don't necessary require 2 bars, but cast time and speed of combat make it impossible not to have on two bars. Honestly though you can have warden ultimate or mage guild ultimate that gives back max magicka without toggling so I wonder why this is still so. Maybe make active ability that gives allies 2% more magicka or something with or without resistance addition. Though in regards to support Sorcerers (tank and healer) this ability could do help rare support characters have positioings in groups without making them exceeding overpowered. I support my claim with warden already giving 10% health back to allies. Either way, I think toggle for bound Aegis will still have to be looked at.

In regard to other toggles, I think it's fairly balanced. A slight mention, the Sorc Twilight heal animation is a bit slow. There's a difference of flow in movement of skills when incoming damage is happening to healer and allies. So moving over bursting and heal over time is not as fast going from healing over time and bursting. This goes against adaptive healer role. Also talking about issues, Twlight Maritach AI pathing should be looked at in Falkreath final boss. (it sits in fire without major protection (it disappeared one patch). You can to recall pets to be on defensive at start of fight or it's likely to die before first pull in phase. I would also like option for manually control pet for console friends. Sometimes... I find pet attacking a lone enemy at end of battles. Sometimes it runs off and attacks enemies it shouldn't. This is produces a risk with 28 heal range. It might also end up fighting enemy it shouldn't and die. I see this as a bigger risk for healers with empowered ward, and healer who need to heal wayward pets.

Speaking of that... pets steal buffs. Can we exclude them and npc allies from the count again. Considering pets have to healed and on two bars... I think it's fair to just excluded them from limit on support skills.

Skills Advised

Healing Springs
Dark Deal
Absportion Field
Combat Prayer
Siphon Spirit
Inner light
Bound Aegis
Empowered Ward*
Summoned Twilight Matriarch

Skills Without Morphs Advised
Necrotic orb
Bolt escape


Eldritch Mender

I like and hate how open ended skill adviser is for people. It allows you have same skills and play it differently. So now let me show you my level adviser sorc healer. This uses all skills and considers locations and how to skills work together.

PvE Healer

Combat prayer
Healing Springs
Summoned Twilight Matriarch
mage light / Empowered ward
Bound Aegis/ regeneration
Light's Champion

Healing orb/Mystic Orb
Summoned Twilight Matriarch
Siphon Spirit
Bound aegies or dark deal
Absportion Field

I consider this sorc healer more tactical. While not prefect, I think it gives sorc healer a different gameplay to use. While I like about level advise and I think most prominent skill is bolt escape ( though flawed skill it is), it brings interesting way to play. This healer would be able to stun enemies that about to appoarch (is there a limit to number?). This though brings issue that ... now they can't be pulled. But assuming it's used in areas harder to control, it could buy the team some time get situation under hand. This would also be good for annoying range attacks in places like black heart haven boss. Issue though, increased cost will put healers in a tight spot if they are trying to stun in multiple directions (black heart haven final boss) as range attackers tend to have 1 on each side. This could leave healer without well enough magicka to heal and survive.

On point though after casting streak you will done damage to enemies, then you mystic orb in that direction so allies are skill being healed or you can do damage . Now issue is I like mystic orbs to be in this spot. If healer could do more damage at lower levels we could have less issues lower tier dps. But mystic orbs considering it's a synergy doesn't do enough damage on healer or dps. I think this should be buffed considered it's needs teamwork to use and takes a sec to cast between rotations. A wayward suggestion, would this be nice if increase damage slightly of an ally who used this or/and allies nearby minor damagesteal (idk... not catchy) ? Maybe it would also help healers who aren't using spell power cure. This would promote more dynamic teamwork and diversity between skills... and diversity of sets.

Next after using orbs, the healer can cast siphon spirit. I think this a nice idea but there many issues. First the cast time time is a bit to much even if you have consider only using on one enemy. In 1.5 secs enemy player can catch up to if they haven't already from just running. Now lets assume... you actually had the time. Siphon spirit can't be casted on more then 1 enemy. This isn't balanced. First Elemental drain that has 2 effects can be instant casted without cost/ and effect multiple enemies. Now in same cast time blood altar same and can effect multiple enemies in area bigger then healing springs. So even if other morph was considered... it's not great. So this brings me to a point, I think siphon Spirit should be redesigned.

First let consider what it could do. Minor lifesteal is great, but for cast time to work it needs more effect if only going to effect just 1 ally no matter what the morph. Maybe we can consider added aoe major or minor or fracture and breech... maybe tied to a synergy (so need teamwork for effect). I say this frost staff tank/ non punture of issue of not debuff enemies. There needs be more ways to debuff enemies. This lead to longer dps at lower tier, and some mid game with players. Then again maybe healer is more needed to buff and tank debuff... lest we steal each other roles. Maybe we can add minor vitality to this instead? This would make easier for healer at lower levels to heal. hmm... but personally I was thinking this was saved for necromancer personal skill for allies. Either way I think it's good time to talk about siphon spirit in healer role is underperforming. But lets hear about people's thoughts

In between streaks healer can cast empowered ward, healing springs, and combat prayer or twilight if emergency happens. I do wonder about range of emproward ward with growing arena size this maybe have to be looked at for future. For now I would consider casting after you are cost to allies again as gives 10 secs of minor intellect magicka regain even if shield expires. Though I will take a moment to point out many have wondered how effective this buff is for allies. We know a similar set hircune veer is considered useless because 10% stamina regain doesn't add up properly compared to cost reduction. Definitely nice on healer though with about 100 more regain, but for dps...well. Not much to say about honorable skills combat prayer and healing springs. I put combat prayer as first skill so easier for uptimes and for new healer to use. Healing springs is near combat prayer for healer to add heal over time and to react faster to well . Next if the pet to react to dire situations, but also nearby is ward and bound aegis for protection. I have mage light as "/" because it's nice to use at early levels before you had other item. Though either bar you probably use this as a flex spot.


I think skills advisory is good concept. It leaves it open for healer to pick there skills in more exploratory feel which true to eso. Though this brings to a point some things for future. I think it would not hurt to explain core concepts better. Like what means to use a heal over time. I know when I first used regeneration I didn't understand what this skill well. Something that guidance people that heals over time are used to anticipate damage. Maybe some tips to healers use burst heals or instant heals. Such examples .. make sure to take care of pet so it doesn't die or watch positioning for combat prayer. In regards to other things some skills need to be looked at for healers and sorc, but especially these skills siphon spirt and bound aegis. Also take note, I think dark deal, and empowered ward need to be looked at in skill adviser for sorc healer build.

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