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Recruiting for a Vmol/Vhof Progression Guild

As the title says we are recruiting serious players for a Vmol/Vhof progression team. You must have discord so we can coordinate and set up runs. You will be required to test out and run some Craglorn vet trials with the guild to prove your compotece. Send me a message on psn “Kurevin” sometimes it shows up as “Kurevin Daystar”. First come first served.
  • MickHC
    Hit me up im 36k+ mickHC
  • Grizza709
    Soul Shriven
    Hey man. Looking for a similar crew to run with. I have a 30K DPS NB that I know can go a lot higher. I also have a healer in the works, with a plan for a tank (Which I main most of the time). I usually play in either CST or MST so I don't see many people running as late as I am available.

    My PSN is Grizz709.
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