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[NA][EP] Potentially Powerful Player Perusing People To Play With

Soul Shriven
Hi everyone! Thank you for reading my post.

I’m a sorcerer, not that it really matters too much.

I’ve played this game off and on since Beta but really got into it again a few months ago. I’ve been guileless because I wanted to make sure it wasn’t a phase but here I am, still at it!

I’ve gotten lonely playing by my uh...lonesome. Random groups are just so...impersonal, and I’ve grown bored with quests.

I don’t have much to brag about in terms of accomplishments but:
1. I’m champion 243, and growing.
2. I self-crafted the entire Julianos set, got it up to epic, and farmed the sorcerer set.
3. I read up on strategies and I can easily “2 bar” play in situation circumstances.
4. I’m an ESO Plus subscriber, if that holds any meaning,
5. I might never be the best but I’ll darn well try!

If nothing else, I’m good company!

What I’d like:
1. Veteran dungeon groups!
2. “End game” content...trials, things of the such.
3. Cyrodil (which is why I need an EP guild)
4. A group with discord, because socialization is cool!
5. A group with established players that have been playing together for awhile. In other words having hundreds of players are nice, but if there is a high turn over, I’m not interested as much.

So if you think we’re a match, drop me a line and a way to reach out to you.

Thanks again for reading!
  • Zippy81
    the Outlanders Guild
    We do vet dungeons all the time, we started trials a bit, we do PVP in EP faction every weekend, we've discord, there is an established group of players. I guess you need to contact us in-game. :)

    Kind regards,
  • ddtmm2
    Soul Shriven
    Well I feel like a dummy, not leaving my contact.


    I'll message you soon, Mr/Ms/Mrs. Zippy.
  • Kiarraswub17_ESO
    If I have judged you correctly from your post, you are exactly the type of player we are currently looking for.

    I am not going to bore you with a bunch of details here but if you are actively looking for a character progression based EP guild you can grow with, then check us out at

    If you are interested in learning more, please contact me to chat more. - @kiarrasw
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