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No-Pet MagSorc - Easy/Tanky/Beginner/Solo - Non-Trial Gear PVE Build - 25k+ DPS - Dragon Bones Patch

Dieing often while on your back bar and being stunned? This build is super Tanky due to double slotting Hardened Ward.

It features an easy, sustainable rotation which consists of two dots and a spammable: Liquid Lightning>Blockade>Crushing Shock x3>Heavy Attack. Light attacks between everything!

Need heals? Power Surge has you covered as long as your dots are down. It also boosts your spell damage and allows the use of cheap trash magic pots, when needed.

Pugging dungeons? Elemental Drain is free to cast, will de-buff the enemies (increasing your DPS!), and help you even more with sustain!
No Trial Gear? No problem! This build utilizes the craftable Mechanical Acuity set, Willpower jewelry, Llambris monster set, and blue, bi-stat food.

No vMA staff? Staves can be any random dropped or craftable set. What’s important are the traits & enchants.
Character Stats, CP allocation, Mundus, etc. are at the end of parse.
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