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[PC EU]Red Dead Redemption, Progressive Guild is recruiting!

vAS HM/vHOF HM/vMOL HM Complete

About us:
RDR is a raiding guild, consisting of experienced players, that plans on doing trials on a daily basis; Our target is to beat the hardest end-game
content, and to compete on the leaderboards;

What we are looking for, is smart ambitious players, who are willing to do trials regularely, in order to learn and improve,
or to help their teammates improve.
-Though max CP is preferable, but it is not mandatory.
-We use the guild event Add-on for sign ups for raids, and we expect our players to be respectful to their teammates, and to show up on time.
-TS/Discord is a must

If you are an active player, and interested to join us, please contact in game @JustinSpada

Hope to see you soon
  • Tremors
    What are the raid times?
    Passionfruit GM - PC NA
    Godslayer | Dawnbringer
  • JustinSpada
    Hey,we raid from 20:00 CET ,Friday and Saturday are Core raid.
  • UrbanMonk
    We are still looking for 3 Magblade DD and 1 Tank to join our core group for vCR+ progressions.

    -Monk I- Magden- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    -Tsürügi- MagBlade- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
    -Bantam Bomber- MagPlar- AVA28
    -Hot Nöödle- MagDK - AVA37
    -Pablo Necrobar- StamCro- AVA24
    Easiest mDK for vMA and vVH-

    Balance for the Sake of Balance is no Balance at all.
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