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New Guild Recruiting - Elder Syndicate - Group PvE / Trading

A new guild looking for people that enjoy group-based PvE and/or trading (we're in Rawl'kha Outlaw's Refuge this week). Hoping to create a guild where it's easy to find a group to tackle your pledges and dailies or if you just wanna group up and run some dolmens/world bosses etc. Everyone is welcome whether you're interested in the trading or the PvE, and we hope to be helpful to everyone in the guild, especially towards new players.

There's a target dummy to test your DPS at the GM's house, as well as all crafting stations.

Drop your gamertag below or message Aeph21 in-game if you're interested and I'll send an invite.
  • Hal05Guardians
    Soul Shriven
    Hi this seems great
    GT: jakebengyb
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