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Character stuck endlessly falling

Hi, I had a character that somehow walked out of the game area while exiting dungeon, then went over edge and started endlessly falling.

The problem is now, he keeps on falling. I've tried to reloc, tried unstuck, etc. Nothing works. Can't unstuck or teleport, because very soon character is thrown out after login, with message

'You have been dropped from the server because you hit the message rate limit. Please avoid excessive messaging ie spamming'

Please help. Cannot play the character at all now obviously. I tried to write customer service character issue request, but get thrown out too soon as well.

Character is Con Draconian, on PS4 EU server, under my account.
  • Astrid_V
    Contact support, they will move your character to safe location. If you will get response from a bot, write again and normal person should answer this time
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  • crystoll
    Yeaah, cannot get any responeses, bot nor human. Plus cannot do the request on actual character, since he keeps on getting thrown out for excessive messages in 5 seconds time when I login. But I keep on trying to reach someone on alt.
  • crystoll
    Got it fixed by customer support, by moving to different zone.
  • Commander62890
    Soul Shriven
    Bump (sorry).

    Same issue for me.

    I used my alt to send a ticket, but no response yet. I'll send another ticket now.

    The character in question is: Left Hand of Darkness
  • ZOS_BillE
    Since this thread is over a year old we are closing the discussion. You are welcome to start a new thread if the issue continues and there are no recent discussions. If your character gets stuck, you should navigate to Help in the main menu and select Get me Unstuck. This will remove your character from the spot where they are stuck and relocate them to a nearby wayshrine. If this fails to resolve the issue, you can try logging out and back in. You can contact customer support if neither of these steps stop your character from falling.
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