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Cyrodiil Delves Not Completing.

So I'm skyshard hunting in Cyrodiil so doing the Delves too. I did the first one got the shard and beat the boss and noticed the achievement didn't pop up. I get outside and see it's still black as incomplete. I figured there must of been another boss that I missed but couldn't be bothered going back in so I went and done a different one. I do another one which is a basic loop so couldn't really miss the boss. I beat the boss get the skyshard and again nothings come up. Checked my achievements and they're saying incomplete. Does anyone know why this is happening? Is there something about the Delves in Cyrodiil that are different from the others? I don't know what's going on.
  • Turelus
    Some of them do have multiple bosses which used to have very slow respawn timers.

    Not sure if the ones you did are those or if spawn times were fixed however.
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  • Slick_007
    the achievements page in the game tells you what to kill in each delve
  • Mikeash609
    I didn't see a single other player the entire time though. The second one I did was basically in the shape of a 9 so I couldn't really miss anything and after I killed the boss and noticed the achievement didn't pop again I started to look for another boss but nothing. I'll just have to go do them again and read the achievement page. I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything though especially in the second one. The first one I might have but the second time I was actively trying to find another boss.
  • Mikeash609
    Just found other people saying the same thing. I think it's what you said slow spawn times and multiple bosses. Both of the Delves I did have 3 bosses and I only found one in each. I'll have to back armed with knowledge this time lol Thanks.
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