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[PS4][NA] The Guild With No Members! PvX Recruitment!

Soul Shriven
Looking for anyone who doesn't mind having a good time whether it be socializing over the headset or grinding your ass off in silence! We're a newer guild, however we don't mind helping out lower leveled characters or farming for set items. Simply have a good time and meet some new people!

All I ask from the members, and solely to get the guild flowing a bit more, is this:

*Be respectful towards other members.

*Help each other out when needed, if able.

*Please try to donate at least 5-10k each month. Again, this is only up until things are flowing smoother. There will not be a penalty for those who don't donate. I simply ask it as a favor.

As stated in the title, we are a PvX guild. This meaning we will usually run a variety of daily dungeons, dolmens, side quests or trials for the more experienced players as well as PvP every weekend for those who are interested.

Have a good day.
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