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My Ebony Flask Inn Room

I know I'm quite late to the party, but ever since Vvardenfell came on the PTS, I have been putting all of my house decorating on hold, until I managed to get all the Vvardenfell recipes, so as to not limit my decorating due to not having the recipe or item I wanted.

Since I now have all the recipes I need for my decorating, I plan on doing all my houses, at least to the limits of the furnishing item cap. These houses are all the houses in the Stonefalls, Deshaan and Vvardenfell zones. And I'll be starting off with the smallest one, the Ebony Flask Inn Room that you get as your first home.

There are several contraints that makes this a bit difficult, one is the very small cap of items you can place in the room, so you really need to think out what is necessary, and what isn't. Secondly, the room is very tiny, and the ceiling is curved and rounded, so it makes it a challenge to decorate it, while still looking good.

What I did what trying to go for a regular "hotel room" look, since this is supposedly a room you rent in the Ebon Flask, so it would make sense to go with a more neutral hotel-like look. You have your bed and sleeping area, a small table with writing implements for some office work, a smaller table with some drinks, as well as a rug and tapestry to finish it off. To make it cozy, I also added a small pillow area just for decoration. The room is rather dark, so it was important to place quite a few lights all over the place, to make it appear more cozy and lit.







Like I said, there's not a terribly lot you can do with a room like this, within the furnishing item limit, but I think I managed to make it look decent, within these contraints.
Next up is the Flaming Nix Inn Room, with a larger space and a larger cap.

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