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[PC-EU] LFG Dailies and Trials

Soul Shriven
A little about me, im currently at 715 CP with the enlightenment to max.

I have a stamina DK that im hitting 41-42k self buffed on the 6m dummy I use twofang/mech actuity with vMA bow
I have a magika NB that im hitting 36-37k with on the 3m dummy self buffed im using Zaan/julianos/infallible Aether

I have a stam DK health tank that ive cleared all the craglorn trials with.

Im looking for a group where I can find dailies etc and have the options to raid if there is some.

my @ tag is @robwoods so if youve got a guild that gets keys and possibly raids, hit me up


Edit: I forgot to add parses and work schedule

I currently work a 6-2 2-10 10-6 shift pattern so I wont be able to attend weekly raids, but when i can I will.

Dps parses:

DK -

NB - unknown.png
Edited by robwoods on March 5, 2018 3:56PM
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