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Healer Weapon Traits (Sorcerer Edition)

This is a guide to weapon traits on Sorcerer healer. Unlike other guides, I would like to promote which traits work better on the Sorcerer healer instead guide that focus on what works better for Templar healers. I am statingclaims on decisive and charged being most optimal traits for class no matter what the build while usual precise and powered follow suit.

Why charged?

This choice highlights one of unique characteristics of the sorcerer which is higher up time of concussion and off balanced compared to other healers. This be more effective depending on number of shock related skills in gameplay from caster.

Why Decisive

While the Sorcerer losing in ultimate generation compared to say a dragon knight. There's something to be said for 15% reduction in all ultimates. The added with gear such avakari or guidance set will produce insane amount of war horn effectiveness. Though either way, an reduction in cost keeps war horn at a stable amount, thus making decisive an optimal choice on bars. Furthermore since healing generates ultimate, it will be of greater effect on restoration staff or bar with more healing skills.


This is different from popular class of Templar who shared balanced between traits equally... well except sharpened... nobody uses that do they?

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