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Console Addons?

Would there ever be a chance that us console players would have access to addons like exploration addons which would help with finding skyshards etc. etc. Because with Skyrim Se there were mods on console.
  • Turelus
    Community Ambassador
    I think the main reason it's not allowed is because all add-ons are third party and have no certification through ZOS.

    Skyrim and Fallout mods have some level of control from Bethesda via their in game mods page, with PS4 under the restriction their mods can't use anything which isn't already part of the game.

    In theory ZOS could start a system where you can choose and download add-ons via the game (as mods with Bethesda titles) but it's probably a lot of work for little reward for them, and I am not sure how easy it would be for players to make the ESO add-ons work for consoles.
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  • Kel
    Depends on what console you are using as an example.
    After the clawing and scratching Bethesda had to do to get the very limited, waterdowned mods ps4 got, I highly doubt Sony would be willing to allow add-ons (they initially were very very resistant to even allow the mods ps4 DID get), or that a attempt to bring them to ps4 would even be worth it for Zos after seeing what resistance there was to a single player game. So, that's never going to happen on ps4.
    Microsoft, possibly, but still highly doubtful.

    Edit to Add: And if Zos did do something like let you download them from thier game client/server, ask you think they would be free? Is that a road you really want to walk down?
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  • Apache_Kid
    I would like this but only if they disallowed all add-ons that assisted with combat and combat queues. Using those type of add-ons is like bowling with the bumpers up. Takes away from part of the game. Playing on console takes way more skill because of this.
  • Seraphayel
    I don't want add-ons, I want ZOS to update their UI and give us things that improve the QoL of the base game.

    Forcing players to make add-ons that should come standard in any modern mmo is (insert your insult here)....

    Like being able to search traders for specific items or once you gather lore books and skyshards the first time it unlocks on your map for all characters making gathering on alts easier. This should be able to be enabled and disabled at will...

    Bottom line their UI is garbage and I would love for them to skip a dlc and update it to be more user friendly with a lot more option available to us console plebs.

    This so much. They improved the UI with Morrowind a little but it is still outdated and overall just bad. Especially the console UI is horrible. Why the hag am I not allowed to freely place UI elements where I want them to have?
  • Defilted
    I would also like them to skip a DLC and add QOL updates and fixes.

    They could call it the GUI DLC.
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  • iLagxLucid
    I would love that, maybe in the future
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