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ATTN: Trial Guild Masters -Tamriel Trial Pledge Union ( PC/NA )

I was interested in forming a Union of friendly guilds that do pledges and trials. If your guild is interested you can leave your thoughts here or message me in game @vamp.emily.

The way I vision this Union to work is we help bring together like minded players, and to help them complete group content in a more friendly efficient way.

My guild has 500 great players. Some players are new to the game and some have more advanced skills. We mostly do trials on normal mode, but do pledges on normal, vet and hardmode.

The problems I see are, not everyone wants to do a trials/pledges everyday ( or every week ). Many of our members used to do around 10 trials a week, plus their pledges and now they are just bored or worn out from doing the same content all the time. However, I have new players that are wanting to do trials/pledges all the time. Some of our members want to do hard content but many of us don't have the skills to do it. Sometimes when I form a trial group , I have to spend a lot of time looking for that 1 tank ( or other role ) so we can get started. Some days It can take an hour to form a group.

What I want to do is form a Union of friendly guilds that can help each other. I'm not looking to open my guild up to a toxic environment, but I want to help the members have better experiences doing group content, and maybe even help them get better by introducing them to other players and guilds that like doing the same content as they do. By having a union we can help each other do content. For example another guild ( member of the union ) could message me in game and say something like "Emily, we need 4 dps for a trial, do you have anyone interested?" I then will ask members of my guild if they are interested in helping.

We can discuss this further, but I was thinking that any guild that joins the union will be required to put something like this at the bottom of their guild message of the day.
We're a proud member of Tamriel Trial Pledge Union. Wish to join other top guilds or need help? Contact @vamp.emily ( Friendly Dungeon Runners ) ... [ list of other guilds and @contactInfo ]

Any guild that joins the union and is reported for toxic behavior would be subject of removal from the union based on Union guildmasters votes. Our main goal should be to help players do group content in a non toxic environment while introducing them to more like minded gamers.

If you are interested in the Union, please contact me or we can discuss it further here. As of now, the union has not been created. These are just my thoughts.

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