(Video) Soimoin Stamina Templar 1vX (PC EU)

Soul Shriven
Hey, this is the first Video ive ever made. Would like some feedback.


I posted more Videos since, if anyone is interested.
  • Subversus
    Great video from an amazing player!

    Love the music choice, brings back memories from when I used to play SWTOR :(
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  • MaximillianDiE
    Very impressive play - I am thinking about coming back to the game and finishing off my stamplar. Interesting to see a non DW build. What sets are you running?
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  • soimoin
    Soul Shriven
    5 piece bone pirate - 3 piece agility - 2 piece mighty chudan - master bow - maelstrom sword
    not really special

    The last stamplar clip, before the 1 stamsorc clip, i was using something else though.
    morihaus + eternal hunt with the same waepons
    A build i use when im feeling funny.
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  • amir412
    Nice vid mate ^^
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  • caeliusstarbreaker
    Nice video bud, I enjoyed the watch.
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  • EdTerra
    Well played bro

    clips would be even better with different songs :smiley:
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  • Koensol
    Ah good to see a clip of you. When I encounter you I am always impressed by how well you play and kite with stamplar. Really impressive and nice video!
  • Mojomonkeyman
    Awesome clips, well played.
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  • Akinos
    soimoin wrote: »
    5 piece bone pirate - 3 piece agility - 2 piece mighty chudan - master bow - maelstrom sword
    not really special=quote]

    lol, when i switched my magplar to stamplar i had the exact same build for the first day or so. But i felt I wasn't doing so good with it, though I am still very new to stamplar...

    Also, nice video :)

    quote fail. :/
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