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Me and my main


This was the first time I set out to finish the main quest story-line which now isn't something I love doing as much (having a bunch of alts will do that to ya) but I remember at that time I thought it was an epic encounter. Also, this is probably the closest to getting the emp costume.


This was the around the time I hit v2. I remember running around trying to find someone to make me armor and I eventually did. My little magbalde (who is a wood-elf in these images) I had really enjoyed pvp in Blackwater Blade so I went on to Azura's Star. I believe that was the main campaign at the time. I got ran over a lot and a lot and a lot but every once in blue moon I'd get a kill. I remember fighting this Khajiit nightblade outside of fare. He ganked me and I fought him for 3 mins until I killed him, We both whispered each other saying "holy crap that was crazy"

This was around v8. A couple friends and I decided to start trying to do dungeons. It was originally supposed to be something we would do to take a break from pvp but eventually, we started doing them more seriously. I really wanted to get a blood spawn helmet after seeing a stamblade run it. I thought it looked so cool so I needed to have it. (now I have like 5 sets of blood spawn). I was using proxy det and sap at this time for mobs and I once hit 100k burst dps which I didn't really understand at the time but I thought to myself "holy hell that's a lot of damage"


Now we have the first monster helm I ever got. Bogdan. That boss took us 3 days of practice to finally down him. Also, who else remembers the old mage light?


This was around the time thieves guild dropped. I wasn't playing this toon much cause I really enjoyed lowbie pvp. I don't have many pictures after this but I eventually hit v16 and then Dark Brotherhood came in and I was still playing mostly other toons until I decided that I wasn't to do better on this toon. So, instead of leveling a new toon to min max I decided let's pay money to change our race.

Played until about 2 weeks into the 1 tamriel patch and then I left for a year coming back around the tail-end of HotR




This was the first time I ever finished a vet trial.


This was the first time I ever got to rakkhat which would eventually be a failed run


This is her today. Going for a weekly leaderboard for vMA.

I don't know why I got the sudden urge to make this post but it was a honest moment of happiness to see urself grow with these characters you see yourself in

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  • TelvanniWizard
    In the first and third images I can clearly see you, but in the others I only see the non combatant pet :p
  • Reedx
    Good for you = )
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  • ZOS_Holden
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    Hi @kit_sune,

    Wow, the screenshots look great! It's very interesting to see the progression of your character as time goes on and it looks like you've had a lot of fun along the way.

    Thanks so much for sharing!
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  • xeNNNNN
    How long did it take you to finally beat rahkkat? for me and my group it took us around 3 months - would of been longer if we didnt have a certain member of our group spuring us on with "just kill the *bleeping* thing!" XD (Imagine that in a scottish accent and you suddenly have the full idea of how amusing it was and how good it actually was too hear before completing twins for the first time and such xD)
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    Ah, e-communities - the "pinnacle" of the internet............yeah, right.
  • Jaimeh
    I love how you commemorate special moments in your character's progression with screenshots, I do that too sometimes, it's nice looking back at them, and seeing how far your character has come :smile:
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