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[Bug] Waiting for players...

Well this is the second time I get stuck on battlegrounds after the loading screen, while you wait for other players... I have seen some players taking longer to appear on my screen and this time 2 players never came, so we got stuck on the lobby and the match never begun. At the end we got kicked out of the match. I don't recall getting this kind of problem before.





Edited by Prizax on February 24, 2018 7:34PM
  • Prizax
    Images edited since they were not working properly. :)
  • Thogard
    Once your BG gets past 9 people, The group finder will only replace a player who has “dropped” rather than fill in for a team that needs one more.

    But it only replaces a player who drops if that player drops after loading in and “joining the battleground”

    This is a problem if one side is group A with 4, and the other two sides of group B and C have three... but one of group C doesn’t make it past the loading screen. You’ll have nine people in the BG, so the group finder won’t look for more... but it also will only replace a slot if someone leaves. So if someone from A or B leave, then A or B will get the replacement player and C will stay with 2.

    It’s a huge bug, but it’s too complicated to fill out a bug report for.
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