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Problem with downloading game

After much searching I failed to find a ’support’ email address for this problem so I thought I’d ask here.
I am in Australia and am trying to download ESO online as I have a new/2nd hand iMac computer.
The program seems to have a very slow download speed (average = 400.00KB/s) (speed test done on my internet connection = 4.1Mb/s)
The other problem which is more of a worry to me is It has already been downloading for 7 days so far and has only downloaded 10% yet the folder so far is 100GB in size which is strange considering it is suppose to be, I think, about 60GB
The Dropbox link below is a screenshot of the relevant information.
Could someone please help as I am still paying a monthly fee so am wasting money, and patience not being able to pay…Thanks.
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