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Easiest class for vMA clearing?

  • ccmedaddy
    I preferred magblade up until last patch but now Stamplar's where it's at IMO. Almost permanent Minor Protection AND Major Protection via Empowering Sweeps, infinite sustain via Repentence, and great AOE damage.

    MagDK is lowkey OP in the arena too, if you use wings and a ranged spammable.
    new solo arena 2020
  • usmcjdking
    IMO it's still stam DK.

    Corrosive allows you to ignore so much garbage it's not even funny.
  • Lukums1
    So - after 15 months of being MIA.

    I did 5 shareplay runs for individuals (via shareplay ps4).

    It's 100% changed from what it was. Harder for sure.

    I then was interested re-downloaded 100GB and found the following:

    Easiest to Hardest.
    It goes like this for difficulty for me. Stam Sorc / Mage Sorc / Stam DK / Stam NB / Magicka Temp /(what I currently have with gear).
    This was with trash potions and no modification to stat points/gear for the last 2 yrs.
    Edited by Lukums1 on January 29, 2019 3:30AM
    PS4 Yellow Scum Dominion
    1600+ vMA runs and counting
    Magicka Sorc - Flawless - 544k Score
    Stam Sorc - Flawless - 559k Score
    Stam DK - FLAWLESS 512k Score
    Stam NB - 492k Score - Work in progress
    Magicka Temp - 482k Score

    The Ozmeric Dominion (Oceanic) Australian Based Guild

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    You have vMA questions? Want a guide? Helping hand? PM me!

    Returns after 6 months back to back flawless

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