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Easiest class for vMA clearing?

  • ccmedaddy
    I preferred magblade up until last patch but now Stamplar's where it's at IMO. Almost permanent Minor Protection AND Major Protection via Empowering Sweeps, infinite sustain via Repentence, and great AOE damage.

    MagDK is lowkey OP in the arena too, if you use wings and a ranged spammable.
    dunmer magblade - flawless conquerer
    argonian mag/stam warden - flawless conquerer
    argonian templar - flawless conquerer
    dunmer magdk - flawless conquerer
    altmer magsorc - flawless conquerer
    orc werewolf stamsorc - flawless conquerer
    orc stamplar - flawless conquerer
    redguard stamblade - flawless conquerer
    argonian stamdk - lvl 3, lost forever in coldharbor
  • usmcjdking
    IMO it's still stam DK.

    Corrosive allows you to ignore so much garbage it's not even funny.
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