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Official Discussion Thread for "Dragon Bones DLC Game Pack & Update 17 Now Live On PC/Mac"

Community Manager

This is the official discussion thread for the "Dragon Bones DLC Game Pack & Update 17 Now Live On PC/Mac" blog article.

Ancient monsters rise to plague Tamriel anew in Dragon Bones, The Elder Scrolls Online's newest DLC game pack. Check out everything you need to know about this new adventure and Update 17 in our launch article!
Jessica Folsom
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Staff Post
  • Valykc
    How many bugs will we have to pay for in the next chapter? P.s. Maelstrom Dual Wield is still bugged!!!!!
  • Anhedonie
    Don't forget to press F for magdks in PvE. And magwards.
    Profanity filter is a crime against the freedom of speech. Also gags.
  • Letho2469
    @ZOS_JessicaFolsom The new dungeon's end bosses in hardmode are not hard like many ppl state, but simply unfair, as many mechanics are not very well-thought-out: An important beam that petrifies players in order to immunize them against a poison breath that comes shortly after, just despawning infront of peoples feets or often failing to do what it's supposed to (petrifying people) is not fun, it's just extremely frustrating. There are so many cool and nice mechanics, but they seriously lack polishment. There were many topics about this in the PTS forums.
    Edited by Letho2469 on February 14, 2018 7:26AM
    Trial Progression:
    vAA: Hardmode
    vHRC: Hardmode
    vSO: Hardmode
    vMoL: Hardmode + dro-m'Athra-Destroyer
    vHoF: Hardmode + Tick Tock Tormentor
    vAS: Hardmode + Immortal Redeemer
    vCR: Hardmode + Gryphon Heart
    vSS: Hardmode
  • coplannb16_ESO
    as expected the changes to Power Lash are a direct and severe nerf for my mDK in PvP.

    I can still keep off-balance on players just fine, but only lash once every 3 seconds (though it feelt like way more than 3 seconds), also there is no way to tell when Powerlash is on cooldown, the skillbar still shows power lash enabled so you hit power lash to only have the normal whip beeing used. wtf!?

    basically the skill is worthless now, aside from ultimates it was the only skill to put at least some pressure on enemies and also it was the only skill you could "spam" in some way (if off-balance was present) to work around the high cost / low sustain of mDKs. Also really fun to have it evaded (along with embers) and then having it on cooldown...

    I suppose I either run an annoying turtle HA/double S/B build like every other dk or just switch over to another class... like NB/Sorc easy mode... meh!
    Edited by coplannb16_ESO on February 14, 2018 7:32AM
    max level: mDK, stamBlade, stamSorc, magPlar, mDen, stamDen, magBlade, stamCro
    # of mules: 4 (FULL)
    maxed bank: FULL -_-
    Stop the grind! Get rid of stupid events and daily-quest gallore. Get rid of "have a chance of 1 in a million to get a piece of 1 in 30 to get a stupid motif or pet... wtf..."
    And at this point just remove all classes and have everyone choose their set of skills. then balance accordingly to skills always used vs. skills never used.
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