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The Imperial Legion [RP Guild] (PC/MAC | NA)

Soul Shriven
The Imperial Legion is Recruiting to Aid in the Restoration of the Empire


[An Introduction]
Forged through the cold fires of Molag Bal's Planemeld, and in the blood from the Three Banners War, the Imperial Legion has risen as a mighty force to reclaim the glory of Empire under the rightful authority of the Imperials. Though the war ceased, and Molag Bal's devious plan was foiled, the Imperial Legion only continued to raise higher in influence and power.

Under the wisdom of Emperor Zemourgal, the Imperial Legion rose to prominence and is now predominantly a force under the direct authority of him and his Elder Council.

Now, as it is the 615th year of the Second Era, the Covenant yielded to the rightful might of the Empire, and most recently the Dominion was crushed and forced to bend the knee to the rightful Emperor and his imperium. In the coming weeks, we shall crush dissent in the Gold Coast and reclaim the Ruby Throne through the Siege of the Imperial City!

Join now, and forever be remembered for your valiance in the face of insurmountable odds. Become an instrument of death in the great machinery of the Imperial Legion, and show the world that peace will only prevail under the auspice of the Empire's banners!

Below, you shall see the extent of the Empire of Tamriel. With it, know that through your service, we shall continue forward in being the manifestation of order.

[An OOC Explanation]

The Imperial Legion has been an RP Guild that's existed since the very beginning on ESO, and persists through to this day and always encourages to have new members partake in the shaping of the great stories.

Through iterations in the role play as the Imperial Legion, with intensive sessions so far as RPing training and other mundane activities, it has certainly come a long way with its eyes looking towards exciting experiences for the members of the Guild.

In the past, there were old side Guilds that served as extensions to the overall RP to be Legionnaires in the Imperial Legion. Throughout it all, Zemourgal maintained these side Guilds, and though they're no more, the Imperial Legion Guild, and all facets of our RP, have been through our independent endeavors. As the 14th Legion, we had the height of such immersive RP, and since the reconstructing form as the 9th Legion, we've accommodated with the changes in the environment of RP on ESO. It's a collective hope for us to stir interest in RPers, especially those who enjoy immersion.

If you're interested, you can reach out to the Guild Master, @Zemouregal, or myself - Lucius Vesperae/@Lucidf3r.
We can otherwise reach out to you if you'd like, and through your admittance into the Guild we, or any of the Officers, can administer an IC interview and ceremony.
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  • Lucidf3r
    Soul Shriven
    2/20/18 Update

    We're still recruiting! On the 25th, we'll be engaging in the long planned Siege on the Imperial City! We'll have a session on the 24th as well.

    Contact myself (@Lucidf3r) or @Zemouregal in-world if interested! We'll provide an interview session ICly to get an understanding of you. Thereafter, you may take the Oath of the Imperial Legion and become an Auxiliary in time for the big event!

  • Lucidf3r
    Soul Shriven
    2/24/18 Update

    Upcoming events:
    - 2/24/18 @ 3:30 PM EST
    - 2/25/18 @ 10:15 AM EST (Siege of the Imperial City)

    Contact either Zem (referred in previous posts) or I in world, whisper or mail and we'll get back to you the moment we see!

    Sunday's event is one not to miss for RP as we'll be divided across the factions, so everyone will have Guildies to partake with. We'll crush the remaining forces of Molag Bal, and end his feeble efforts against Nirn once and for all!

    For the Empire!
  • Casual_Ranger
    Hail! I play an Imperial and am looking for an Imperial RP guild! I play mostly on EP but have a DC and AD toon. All my toons have the same name and look the same cause for RP reasons its technically the same person so I can switch classes but have the same "Char"

    Hes an Imperial known as Arilas Cassius Draco a gold coast native.

    I have a very deep backstory for him but can elaborate on that later. I am very interested in joining your guild! I go by @Casual_Ranger in game and like I said all my toons name go by some variant of Arilas Draco, all are stamina and all imperial.

    I havent RPd much in ESO but was very active in the WoW RP community.

    Casual Ranger
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