[PC/NA] ESOteric Knowledge is looking for DPS interested in veteran content.

We're an end-game progression guild that focuses on veteran difficulty hard-mode trials. My core team is currently full, but I would like to recruit more players to have a serious and higher skill open raid night (Wednesdays at 7 PM EST.) So this wave of recruitment specifically, I am looking for DPS that meet these requirements:

1. At least cp345 (half the current allocation cap, recommended to survive in vet raids.)

2. Pulling 30k or higher self buffed on a three million hp - six million hp target dummy OR raid boss parse (Please send me a screen cap of your parses. Not pulling 30k but you're close? We can negotiate in the pms!)

3. A positive attitude!

If you're interested, contact me over discord (MY ID: SpaceDragon#5711 ) so we can have a conversation and interview.

Thank you for reading/ your responses in advanced.

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