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Dereth's Bug Hunt - Equipment

Dereth's Bug Hunt


>>Thieves Guild Gauntlets
Current Live Game
- Elbow piece incorrectly positioned
Previous versions - Correct positioning

>>Abah's Watch Arm Cops
Current Live Game
- Shoulders floating far above where they are supposed to be positioned.
Previous versions - Correct positioning
Side-by-side comparison - Notice the very visible gap that is now present

Tabard back tails have been broken for a while now. When originally launched, the rear tails of Tabards did not float like this. At some point with the introduction of more sculpted chest models, and the addition of the black shirt which would replace the player character chest when wearing a tabard over those more sculpted armor, the rear tails of Tabards began to float. At first this issue only occurred when the aforementioned black shirt was activated by wearing the Tabard over one of the high-poly/sculpted chests, however now it appears that it floats at all times.

General Armor Type Issue - Short Robes hiding boots for seemingly no reason
I don't personally wear short robes very often, but have noticed a trend with them hiding boots despite the fact that there wouldn't even be clipping if they were visible. This occurs on just about every armor style that uses a short robe, and was not the case when many of these robe types were first released.
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