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Random Thoughts

So I've been pvp'ing since the release on PS4 and have noticed, like many others, the game taking weird direction changes that often times cater to casual players. Generally, I don't hate on people for using things. I feel as long as they're having fun, they're playing the game and giving me something to kill. It's the mechanics and development that tends to frustrate me.

Some things seem so out of whack and after patch releases they don't seem to even touch them, less the recent AOE cap removal.

This is what I feel would help pvp in my opinion. While it may be wishful thinking, I think it'd level everything back to good grounds.

- Invisible Meteors. Make them... visible?
- Bring heavy back to pre IC. A big majority of players are in heavy and this is probably my biggest complaint. The heals are insane, sustain is beyond fine and with certain sets you will have higher WD than in medium. For example, a stam warden in heavy can have nearly a 20k tooltip on bugs while on a SnB bar. How does that make sense? Generally for stam this is coupled with reverb, 7th, bloodspawn and supports a very linear play style. Reverb, claw, HA, slash, reverb (7th proc'd) leap. It's turned into everyone turtling and extremely slow game play. Magicka is right up there too running heavy, less sorc, nb and sometimes warden.
- Get rid of snipe. I heard on PC it's not an issue with addons, but on console it's cancer. Majority of the time your health desyncs when it's used. Snipe isn't used in PVE. PVP shouldn't need it either.
- Make Soul Assault interruptable. Snare being removed only does so much. Nothing better than being in medium while being soul assaulted while also be assaulted. If you're alive, it won't be for long because now you're out of stam.
- I'll probably catch heat, but get rid of poisons. They were great in theory and I was actually excited about them being released, but they add confusion to an already unbalanced game. This is why we have enchants. They do just fine.
- Weapon Ults. I'll probably catch heat here too, but I feel they should go. Be honest, there's only three being used.
- Warden Trees should be 200 ult. Let's just say 250 while we're at it.
- Fix elusive mist. It's the one skill that breaks snares for mag, but doesn't break snares for mag. Unless of course you use purge which works 25% of the time.

Now this is coming from a solo player on all classes, both stam and mag. Occasionally I run with a couple people, but often times I'm trying to X so my opinions might be biased. It seems like for any type of solo game play I need to be on a nightblade (stam/mag), sorc (stam/mag) and maaaaybe a stam warden. It's all about mobility, defile, burst and sustain to kite/X. Not outplaying other people. I have heard ZOS wants big group play, but let's face it, the frame rate on console cannot handle it.

PSN: hatoreehanzo
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