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[Plugin Chrome] HAN


Ive made standalone chrome plugin for hiding all the unnecessary nerfs threads in the forum, currently only available for chrome.
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[Chrome Plugin] HAN -> Hide all nerfs
Too much nerf threads click here to hide them.

The worst part is when it finally puts you in a group, your healer turns into a werewolf, your tank has 14k HP and the dps is heavy armor, using a restro staff and a two handed sword on the backbar. Then comes the 15 minute penalty before the cycle starts anew.

Rulz of Morrowind:
  • The first rule of Morrowind is: You do not talk about Morrowind.
  • The second rule of Morrowind is: You do not talk about Morrowind.
  • Third rule of Morrowind: Someone yells NDA stuff, uploads images, streams, the game is over.
  • Fourth rule: only invited players can test.
  • Fifth rule: one invite at a time, fellas.
  • Sixth rule: crying or bashing on pts.
  • Seventh rule: NDA will go on as long as they have to.
  • And the eighth and final rule: If this is your first invite at Morrowind, you have to play.
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