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Cyrodiil resource capture quest bug

In Shor campaign a couple of hours ago on PS4 NA. I don't remember how long ago I picked up the quest, but I hadn't paid it much attention since I focus on those particular ones when I happen to be in the area. But, after completing a different quest, this one was the next in line, so it popped up on my tracker at the top of my screen. I still didn't pay it much attention as I was pretty far away from Aleswell, so imagine my surprise when I was near Arrius lumbermill and saw a quest marker over it saying to capture Aleswell mine! I could only see the marker on my compas though, not on the actual map anywhere, it showed up after I had to res at another keep which is when I took a pic. I thought maybe just the name was wrong in the quest, but after capturing the lumbermill, nothing happened. I went on my way, intending to make my way over to Aleswell to see if taking the mine would complete the quest, but didn't get the chance to this session. Sorry if that was a weird explanation, here's the pic showing what I mean:
As I said, I don't remember when I picked up this quest, but I think I was in Vivec campaign when I did and was in Shor campaign when I noticed it and took the pic above.
Edited by Pink_E_808 on January 30, 2018 10:02PM
  • Morgul667
    Interesting thanks for the share.

    I take this opportunity to share that SHOR EU PC quest givers have been bugged for a while (since the update following morrowind?)

    Scrolls/Keep/ Mines quests are not available for players most of the time... to get a quest you need to switch to another campaign and get them there. (there is no limit of the quest quantity per day as this is the first or second quest of the day).

    There are availables sometimes on SHOR and not available most of the time.
  • Pink_E_808
    I have noticed that, too, saw a thread just before I wrote mine that's been made for that issue. I actually didn't realize it was a bug until I read the other post, I thought it was something that had gotten changed for whatever reason, lol. I turned in a scout report earlier today, too, and didn't get an option to pick up the next one. I think the first time I noticed it was early to mid-December, as I had stayed out of Cyrodiil most of November because of the long load screen problems. It's random for me, too, which ones show up and where.
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