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I have had enough of this lag still getting worse

Im going to try to make yet another LAG post without losing my cool. But I have had enough. Myself and so many others not have fun in this game anymore, a game that we love. No one can play like this, at least on xbox, and we shouldn't have to.

The lag has been TERRIBLE for the last 2 weeks, even WORSE(lolol) than usual! I stopped playing pvp around the time i felt it getting worse, about 2 weeks ago, and now today im back and IT IS WORSE STILL! First 5 minutes back in i experienced freeze frames, teleporting players, and death to a health desync. It is to the point where you cant go anywhere in this game without having these issues. And it is LITERALLY EVERY person i talk to that agrees. You guys are just not seeing it, or you dont care. Its nice to have @ZOS_GinaBruno tell us "we are looking into it" and i appreciate the communication (i really do) but its coming to late! In a game like this, with an issue like this, i would expect to see a MAJOR video or update on twitch about this issue. But you guys nearly pretend its not here? Seriously?

This has been progressively getting worse since morrowind and worse still on xbox!! Either give us a platform change or after dragon bones please invest some actual time and resources into fixing this. Im telling you, you guys are going to let it spiral out of control til every part of the game is a laggy nightmare. Right now cyrodil is the worst, but still when im in any of the capitol cities i am lagging. In duels i am lagging. All my friends are lagging. Everyone in chat agrees. And when it gets out of hand people are going to leave. WAKE UP people are not going to keep playing a game that does not work!!

I mean you know the numbers are down, we know the numbers are down. We can go by steam numbers and players like me can tell based on having HUNDREDS of friends in the game and see NEARLY all of them leave!! Please you need to put some serious resources into getting this sorted out. What kind of reputation do you think this gives zenimax? If you guys announced Fallout Online do you know what the first thing im going to think? What i will tell others? What soo many will think?

They make a beautiful game but ESO performed terribly, the performance issues were never fixed, and the game was pretty much unplayable unless you wanted to do the lightest form of pve (roleplaying, farming, trading, questing).. Everything else was plagued by lag and never fixed..

And thats the truth! Look at any other major mmo. Bdo, archeage, EVEN OLD SCHOOL RUNESCAPE, WOW, GW2, FFXIV, etc.. They all dont have this issue and dont ignore major problems. Why does eso have to be like this?

Just please, please invest a bit more time and resources into this and sort it out. People with the xbox one X say it doesnt help. People with top of the line PCs still have these issues. 120 mbs internet speed should be enough! Every other game that we own works great, yet eso is a nightmare. I dont want to get upset with this game anymore i just want to play without having to miss half of my skills and bar swaps because of lag. I dont want to hit load screens. I dont want to crash every hour. I dont want to die to health desyncs because of lag. I just want to be able to play a game and have fun. I used to have fun EVEN WHEN DYING, now im usually pissed off because i didnt die to anything but lag interfering in my playing. Enough is enough.
Edited by eso_lags on January 29, 2018 10:22PM
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