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Need some good back bar sets for stamplar

title explains itself
  • RighteousBacon
    Prisoner’s Rags. It’s a bit hard to grind since only it’s necklace comes in robust. You’ll have to run one arcane but it’s worth it
  • Stratforge
    Prisoner's Rags for op purify spam. What's you other set?
    Xbox One NA
  • Brutusmax1mus
    Mechanical acuity is fun, throw a caltrops down on a group/ flag and it'll proc almost always as it lands, if not the next tick it will. Effective in bgs and in keeps. Not so Much in duels.

    Powerful assault if you're in a small group or bgs.

    Sheer venom is a good way to keep pressure on. Its like a 1k dot, which is nice to add to potl stored dmg and can be done at range with poison inject.

    Cowards, kinda a pain on console imo. Same with prisoners rags.

    Sunderflame is nice for group play too. Can be applied at range with a bow heavy. Helps whole group.

    Hunts not bad, great defensively, but i prefer offensive/ group utility back bar sets.
  • ll_Rev
    Stratforge wrote: »
    Prisoner's Rags for op purify spam. What's you other set?

    definitely bloodspawn with either bone pirate or fortified brass.
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