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2 monster or not 2 monster

are monster sets (velidreth etc) still bis on stamblades or am I better off going 2 separate 1 peices
  • JobooAGS
    for pve at least, velidreth is bis
  • Cries
    2 piece blood spawn /thread
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  • Yakidafi
    Cries wrote: »
    2 piece blood spawn /thread

    I prefer 2 piece swarm mother
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  • GaunterODim
    2x Zaan stam meta op
  • Vapirko
    Veil mixes well with eternal hunt because it’s so much to watch out for. Otherwise it’s pretty easy to avoid unless it procs right up close. Despite what people say Selenes is still decent. But you may get more use out of bloodspawn or troll king. If you’re a dot stamblade you can’t go wrong with skoria.
  • Syiccal
    I've dropped veli just because would proc when j didn't want it to..using a bow for example or stealthed and posion tick would proc it showing where I am.
    now using 1 veli 1 kena
  • Dreth
    This question is completely situational and depends on the overall build and what stats/resources you are trying to obtain. It depends.
  • Skoomah
    Monster sets are still worth it. They give the super bonuses equal to 5 piece set bonuses. The trick is to have access to two five piece set bonuses along with your monster helm. The more super bonuses you have the better.
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