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When does the Brassy Assassin Personality might come back?

Also, if someone has either the Thief or Brassy Assassin personalites and can record a small video showing the transitions from crouching to running, running to walking, to jogging crouch, etc.; would be very much appreciated. There are some videos on YouTube but it's not enough.
  • CaffeinatedMayhem
    Coming back? Maybe in a year, in a crown crate.

    Not that I'm supporting this, but it's how ZOS seems to work. I really wish they would rotate old items through every 3-6 months, in the PURCHASE section, not crates!
  • DeadlyRecluse
    Other than a crown crate, Morrowwind anniversary is your best bet.

    Of course, in theory we'll have another chapter dropping then, so they might not feel the need to hype the Mwind anniversary that much.
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  • BigBadVolk
    Well here we have two options, either crown crates or morro 1 year anniversary if they intend do to such thing or smothing similar
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  • Rebirthment
    Like others have stated already, either in future crown crates or the first Morrowind anniversary.
  • notnsane
    Another question: I can then get the Personality with Crown Gems, right?
  • LordGavus
    notnsane wrote: »
    Another question: I can then get the Personality with Crown Gems, right?

    If it comes back in the crown crates then yes, you can buy it with crown gems.
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