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Continued use of body morphing in costumes is not nice

  • BlueViolet
    I'm simply astonished that, despite all the feedback that Z0S has been given over the deformities in their costumes, they STILL keep on making the same ugly mistakes over and over again. Don't you guys learn? Or don't you pay attention to feedback? Is this kind of offering just "good enough and hope no one will notice" ?
    Seriously... you're supposed to be professionals.
    Not to mention, that Nocturnal costume above was exhorbitantly expensive, and it doesn't even look like quality work considering the holes and such in the mesh.
    That Egg sister costume could have been very nice. As it is, the legs ruin it, and it doesn't really dye very well at all. Most disappointing.

    From what I remember them posting about once, when they removed the lovely & unique racial motifs to replace them with giant baby bibs, is that there is no longer a male & female body. Everything is apparently stuck on the male body and then boobs and whatnot are morphed onto it.
    Which I suppose explains some of the gross breast deformities as well.

    Sometimes I wonder if the modeler's simply - a) spend too much time looking at silicone playboy models, or b) haven't ever really looked at boobs before.

    As for the legs... that looks hideous. The poor character looks like she's had the sides of her legs shaved away with a massive potato peeler or something.

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  • Minyassa
    I know everyone has "their" thing in ESO and I suspect there are some that this does bother, however Cyrodiill is nearly unplayable right now, the long load screens are back, weapon balance, gear balance, drops RNG, I could go on and on, but seriously, this is the LEAST of our problems. This right here is why nothing ever changes, we have 3 million active players and 1.5M different needs, wants, and desires. CAN WE FOCUS PEOPLE?

    Cosmetic things affect my gameplay as it is a major part of why I'm here. Issues with Cyrodiil don't affect me at *all* and are absolutely at the bottom of my priority list, but I don't whine about people posting endlessly about PvP problems just because I couldn't care less about them.
  • Epona222
    I dislike the Shrike dress so much. No, it's not because it shows a bit of cleavage. It's because it distorts my female characters' bodies and makes them wider, with no waist definition. Why would I pay 2k crowns to make my characters look like they were wearing a bin liner?
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