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are there plans to add more strains of vampirism and lycanthropy to eso?

@ZOS_MichaelM @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_GaryA @ZOS_TristanK id love to see other playable strains of vampirism and lycanthropy added to eso? for example adding the Aundae, Anthotis, Berne, Bonsamu, Cyrodiil Vampyrum Order, Garlythi, Glenmoril Wyrd Vampirism, Haarvenu, Keerilth, Khulari, Lyrezi, Montalion, Montclair, Quarra, Ravenwatch, Selenu, Telboth, Thrafey, Volkihar, Vraseth, Whet-Fang, and Yekef vampire strains as well as adding Vampire Lord form for the pure-bloods/daughters of coldharbour. as for the lycanthropic strains examples, Glenmoril Wyrd Lycanthropy, Werewolf Lord form, Werebats, Werebat Lord form, Werebears, Werebear Lord form, Wereboars, Wereboar Lord form, Werecrocodiles, Werecrocodile Lord form, Werelions, Werelion Lord form, Werevultures, and Werevulture Lord form lycanthropic strains to play as?

Best Answer

  • Maura_Neysa
    First they need to fix Lycanthropy before adding anything new. There's no reason at all to be a Werewolf in PvE, and unless its a whole pack grouped up in PvP they just aren't worth it either. You either need to be able to toggle the change at will, or you need benifits (and draw backs) while you're in human form just the same as Vampirism.

    Personally I also think the stronger end of Vampirsm should be the one you have to work to maintain. Aka in the current form, you should have to feed to stay stage 4. Lore wise this makes sense too. Since when are starving Vampires stronger than well fed ones.
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