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A question about housing....

Say a few people wanted to purchase a home together, one person would own this and the others would be set at decorators so they might place or move items. My question is: are the decorators allowed to place their bound items in this house as well?

Edited by Eporem on January 14, 2018 3:48PM
  • SweetrollBunny
    As far as I know decorators can only move items around. They can not place their own items from their own inventories.
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  • MilwaukeeScott
    They can only move stuff around.

    They CAN mail you stuff to place. Then they can move that stuff around.

    Since they can't mail Bound stuff..............

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  • Eporem
    Thank you both...I do remember reading something about Guild housing and maybe a different rule-set that would be applied to homes...though I have no idea now where I read this.
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