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Warden backstory ideas?

Hey everyone!

So I have finnaly decided to nake a warden build but I am having trouble making a backstory for him with the other classes I normally dont have trouble but for some reason the warden is giving me isseus.. so what are your warden backstories? Or do you people have any ideas? Love to hear some!
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  • Exalted_Outlander
    I don't have access to the Warden class but if I ever did, my backstory would be that I was an exiled practitioner of magic, and spent a significant time of my exile in the wilds of Tamriel, honing my skills and manipulation of the nature around me. It's rough, but its a start. Feel free to use it!
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  • LegendaryOaks
    I'm a tank so I use lots of ice, i could be using the forgotten knowledge of the first era nords and Dragon priests

    It's mostly depends on your role
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  • Turelus
    What race are you thinking of?

    For me I have two.

    Orc Warden Healer - Happy farmer who sets off on adventure with his trusty bear buddy. Loves animals and flowers!
    Dunmer Warden DPS - Ashlander who uses the powers of nature to help him fell his enemies.

    They're not super in depth but those are my personal concepts I have right now. I also had the idea of a Dunmer Warden tank who is obsessed with Dwemer tech.
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