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I didn't receive crowns with my paid ESO Plus subscription.

Soul Shriven
Two days ago I paid for and subscribed to ESO Plus again after not being subscribed for two months and I haven't received my 1,500 crowns. When I subscribed before I never had a crown issue but for some reason now I do even though I have all of the other benefits of ESO Plus. I checked my Microsoft account and it says that my payment went through and my subscription is applied so I don't know what the problem is. Maybe I should just wait a little longer?
Edited by JayThaItalian on January 12, 2018 7:05AM
  • JayThaItalian
    Soul Shriven
    Turns out I was right and all I had to do is just wait but I still don't know what caused the delay in the first place.
  • Apache_Kid
    My crowns consistently come in late every. Single. Month.
  • NewBlacksmurf
    It’s an ZOS issue with Xbox one only since least you eventually got yours
    Edited by NewBlacksmurf on January 14, 2018 3:40AM
    -PC (PTS)/Xbox One: NewBlacksmurf
    ~<{[50]}>~ looks better than *501
  • Senneth
    This is still happening. After not playing for years, I re-subscribex 2 days ago. I have access to all of the other bonuses and perks, but have not received the upfront crowns. One month subscription equals 1650.
    I'm starting to have Recall why I put this game on the shelf.
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