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Looking for a casual RP guild, PC, NA-server

Soul Shriven
I have been involved in many different RPs on a few different MMO, though my adventures started out in a tavern in the Forgotten Realms. Very new to ESO but loving the world thus far and looking for people to RP and share the story lines with.
I admit, I am still working on the back story for my Nord, but as he has traveled from Coldharbor into the lands of the living, a taste for life in the shadows was found. A life of fulfilling writs written with quill that are ended with a blade from the dim lite corners of the world.

I mention casual in the title because I am not able to be one every night and at times may only be available on weekends, just depends on RL.
  • Zilvarael
    Soul Shriven
    My guild is looking for people.
    Umbra Nocturnus.
    We deal heavily in thieves / assassins
    Character list: Lunaera Ivy - Nightblade - AD | Primary Guild: Umbra Nocturnus (Leader, RP, PvE and more)
  • tansyuduri
    @Zilvarael Can you tell us more about the guild?
    Beta Tester | PC Player | NA Server | Returning Player


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